The only world leading EMM focused on Android in the Enterprise

It works seamlessly with all devices from Android 6 + Google takes care of the Android side and ensures that all devices on the market are fully manageable with Android Management API’s.

Solution for Business Managers

  • Intuitive and User friendly console; No training and certification needed to operate
  • Local access to the console to manage the devices locally
  • Easy setup of new profiles for local use cases.including applications and device restrictions
  • Easy and quick enrolment of new devices, including Work profile for BYOD
  • Company Wide management to provide access rights to Business Managers

Built on Android Enterprise management API's

  • Works immediately will all Android GMS devices from Android 6+
  • Zero day support for new Android Enterprise features and new Android versions
  • Freedom to change for new Android devices anytime.

The Power of Cloud SaaS

  • Available in minutes with Zero Setup cost
  • AI ready with Predictive Analytics
  • No downtime, Available Anytime Anywhere

Leverages the full Android Enterprise Security Stack

Mobile Threat Detection Service
Google Play Protect delivers built-in, always improving protection to keep your apps and information safe. Powered by Google machine learning, the service scans all apps on the device daily, and blocks harmful apps from reaching the device. Google Play Protect can even give IT an early heads up if their internally developed app contains a known vulnerability.

The Android platform utilizes app sandboxing to isolate apps, enforced by SeLinux. The OS establishes a chain of trust and utilizes cryptographic methods to ensure the hardware and platform have not been compromised with verification available through the SafetyNet API. Encryption is on by default for compatible devices, protecting data until it’s accessed by its rightful owner.

Enforce IT Policies To Keep Data Secure
Android offers a wide-range of Management APIs that allow IT to prevent data leakage and enforce compliance. Admins can enforce network configurations and apply policies to protect corporate data. WizyEMM has been built natively on Android Enterprise Management API’s.

Android devices utilize a trusted execution environment (TEE), to run privileged or security-sensitive operations such as PIN verification and Verified Boot. In Android Oreo, Android has just added tamper-resistant hardware support for even greater protection.



Leveraging 100% of Android Enterprise and Google Cloud Security features

PAYG Low-Cost

Pay monthly only for devices enrolled

Cloud SaaS

Only Google Cloud Platform Unlimited scalability


Aligned to Business use cases (1use case = 1 EMM profile)

Fleet Management

Device Lifecycle Management


Device deployed in less than a minute