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North Eagles

The North Eagles safety solution is composed by the only gas detector in the world, in the form of a wristwatch capable of transmitting the alarm to the control room via our Smart Network. This solution is intended primarily for the oil & gas industry but also for the mining, metallurgic, chemical, nuclear and medical industries.


WizyEMM is the first Android device management solution focused exclusively on Android Enterprise. We built our solution from the ground up for Android, using the newest Android Management API. We are the best-in-breed mobile device management for your Android Enterprise deployments.
Official Android Enterprise EMM Partner

I.X R2

I.X R2 is the world's first wireless privacy key using blockchain technology to encrypt data, messages, and calls from your phone. Only you have the key to unlock. Nobody can break through and steal your information.
This thin smart card is embedded with military grade cryptography and wireless Bluetooth technologies. It can easily fit into your pocket/wallet and be protected at all time.

Vewell Interactive Touch Screen TV

Vewell Smartboard Conference is Multi-point Gesture Recognition,gentle and smooth in operation


WeHear OX is open ear,wireless audio device, with bone conduction technology that bypasses physical ears, delivering sound through cheekbones.
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