Push To Talk

To maximise productivity and competitiveness

With the rapid expansion of the mobile workforce, faster two-way communication between parties becomes more crucial. COMM360 enables staff to install push-to-talk application onto their smartphones. This improved smooth, uninterrupted communication, as well as increased productivity level. In a business perspective, firms’ operating costs can be kept to a minimum, since they no longer have to source for, and maintaining numerous devices.

With strong 3G, 4G and Wifi network connectivity, PTT360 guarantees efficiency and promptness for your business to maximise productivity and competitiveness for your business.

Our PTT360 solutions can be easily integrated into your existing analog, digital and iDen PTT infrastructure, ensuring that communication between parties remain seamless. Addition of users and increasing connectivity becomes easier with our solutions. By presenting a diverse range of smartphones and other devices with GPS and the ability to oversee group activities will help to increase productivity.

We provide superior high-quality broadband global push-to-talk (PTT) solutions, with the widest coverage area. Businesses can freely and seamlessly connect globally with just by a push of a button. With centralisation of your network system, you can have better command and control of your communication.

PTT360 aims to boost business users’ productivity by integrating the capabilities of a walkie-talkie with a smart mobile phone. Users are guaranteed high-quality communication with maximum coverage area and voice quality. They can accurately share information with their co-workers at all times with the PTT360 Multimedia platform

With PTT360, companies can oversee their field workforce more efficiently, directly from their desktop, laptop, PC, with our user-friendly Dispatcher. Alongside the reduction in costs, companies can increase sales and ensure great customer experience.


Prompt communication with Push-to-Talk (PTT) function

With a push of a button, 1-to-1 or group PTT calls can be made immediately, over 3G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi.

Consolidated control platform

PTT calls and messages can be made, channels can be regulated to set users’ priority level – all from a single control portal, with password-protected login.

Incident submission

Reporting of incidents via photo and video messaging.

Multi-media messaging

Text and voice messaging to dispatch individuals and work groups. Unlimited number of work groups can be created to send specific messages to target audience.

Location tracking to facilitate distribution of tasks

Workers’ live location and location history can be checked, to distribute tasks and resources more efficiently.

Geo-fencing and alerts

Setting virtual borders for the workers to keep within. Receive notifications when the staffs leave the zones.


1 – 1 PTT

1 – Group PTT

Priority PTT

Voice Recording

Command & Dispatch

Move Channel

Interrupt Call

Temporary Disable

Temporary Enable

Multi-Group Monitoring


Text Message

Picture Message

Location Message

Short Video Message

history Message Record


One Key Alarm

Alarm Contact Setting

Alarm Mode Setting

Historical Alarm Record


Fence Setting

Real-time Alarm

Historical Alarm Record

Location Services

Integrated GPS Location & Mapping

Real-time Position

Historical Tracking & Mapping

Real-Time Video

Video Call

Video Upload

Video Pull Up

Industries Solutions

In all industries, hassle-free and efficient communication within the workplace is of utmost importance, and PTT360 guarantees that factor for all. With the communication channels being streamlined into a single centralised portal, updates can be exchanged almost instantly between parties, and actions can be taken quickly to maximise efficiency in the workplace. This means that instead of the need for multiple devices, just one device will suffice, thereby shortening the line of communication. Ultimately with PTT360, time and operating costs will definitely reduce, while ensuring that users remain well-connected with each other.

Shipping & Transportation

Working in shipping and transportation requires handling multiple devices to communicate and manage orders. This limits business efficiency, increases risks and maximizes costs. Take advantage of the advanced PTT360 functionality from any mobile device! Make sure your staff stays safe and well-connected at all times.


Multimedia collaboration and employee safety are vital for security companies. In order to provide a dynamic work environment, which is both secure and versatile, security guards need the latest multi-channel push-to-talk technology. Streamline critical communication! Keep guard patrols safe and connected anytime, even in the most extreme conditions.

Hospitality, Food & Beverage

Managing tasks in hotels, restaurants or resort can be daunting if communication breaks down from various reasons, such as poor signal in critical locations. PTT360 upgraded Push-to-Talk guarantees state-of the art real-time voice communications, along with mobile data and app integration, all in one device. Save time, boost productivity and deliver an exquisite customer experience!


Hospitals and Medical Centres are facilities where staffs work round-the-clock to provide care to patients. Professional and high-quality services and care to the patients are undoubtedly the main aims of the teams of doctors, nurses and support personnel’s. PTT360’s mission is to support these top-notch hospital and medical centres customers, by equipping them with a simple and hassle-free communications system that has push-to-talk and emergency features for the hospital staff and administrators. This allows for seamless communication between personnel’s, security and/or first responders, keeping them on the alert in case of emergencies, as well as ensuring safety.


Construction sites are high-risk work environments. When dealing with such dynamic, versatile and constantly changing conditions, PTT360 helps companies save time and money, while providing secure conditions for field workers. It’s never been a better time to replace multiple gadgets with a single strong, slick, waterproof and shockproof device. Keep your profits safe, and your workforce even safer.

Courier Services

In the courier service industry, a competent and reliable communication network is of utmost priority. COMM360 introduces the PTT360 functions allows for instant and smooth communication between workers, thereby facilitating better coordination and increasing productivity in the workplace. With a shorter time required to find the right good and more successful deliveries, customer satisfaction can be guaranteed!