Mobile Device Management

Streamline your enterprise communication with powerful data security and instant accessibility

PTT360 simplifies business mobility management. Streamline your enterprise communication with powerful data security and instant accessibility across all portable devices, including smart IoT terminals.

State-of-the-art connectivity for all endpoints & devices with PTT360

Make the most of a wide range of field control/view portable devices from over 100 different manufacturers. Select the best features, prices, security or operating system for your needs. PTT360 will support you 100%.

PTT360 secures flawless and speedy deployment

No waiting times, no misconfigurations. PTT360 strictly follows your settings guidelines. Your employees will get their mobile devices fast, always according to your instructions and company policies. We guarantee native integration for Apple DEP, Zebra Stage Now, Samsung KME, Android O zero-touch enrolment and many more.

Minimize staff downtime with PTT360

Help your employees stay focused and work at their best with smoothly integrated productivity features and constant remote support. PTT360 makes it possible with data synch, remote view / remote control, 2-way chat, and rapid problem solving.

PTT360 is your versatile App & Content Manager

Empower your employees with flawless application management and streamlined mobile content on any device. PTT360 communication HUB protects your web resources while guaranteeing safe remote browsing.

Minimum Technical Requirements

PTT360 system environmentsInternet Browsers
• Windows CE 4+/ Mobile 5+
• Windows XP
• iOS 7+
• Android 4.0+
• Mozilla Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Internet Explore (9+)
Control, Integration and Database servers (for on-site configurations)
• Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2
• 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM for Database)
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (strictly Database)
• Minimum 2 GHz dual core
• 2 GB storage space
• MSXML (only for Deployment server)
• .NET 4.7 (strictly Deployment and Management servers)

Note: Requirements might vary, depending on the version of PTT360.


Multi-OS Compatible

Handle and protect all your smart devices and portable IoT terminals from one integrated user-friendly interface. We support all system environments: Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Prompt Delivery

Customize and ease device deployment based on geolocation and user role. PTT360 links you up with the third party providers that are best for your enterprise, including Zebra Stage Now, Android O zero-touch enrolment, Apple DEP, Samsung KME and more.

Intelligent App Organization

Enable your IT staff to set up personalized app availability through blacklists/whitelists and advanced integration with Google Play and Apple VPP. PTT360 enables your users with customized device access in the safest and fastest way.

Agile Corporate Content Admin

Simplify content management and business files storage. With PTT360, IT staff set data leakage prevention (DLP) protocols and make the most of advanced LDAP integration to monitor and limit user-based access to websites and corporate files from any portable devices.

Remoteness made easy

Ensure great remote control/view on any HTML5-based internet browsers, on a wide range of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones included. PTT360’s groundbreaking technology makes it possible even in challenging situations such as poor internet connection.

Advanced Data Protection and Device Security

PTT360 features allow IT admins to safeguard both data and portable devices against dangerous malware. You and your enterprise have full control over software installation on your users’ handsets. Powerful encryption, privacy settings, authentication, and password features keep your company’s devices safe at all times.

Continuous Business Integration

PTT360 smooth integration with top identity providers guarantees painless integration. The user experience is great and corporate credentials are always secured. IT staff can easily set up LDAP to customize rules based on enterprise group membership. PTT360’s API delivers almost-native integration with leading business solutions.

Custom PTT360 Integration

For custom incident assistance, you can simply open a case right from your PTT360 user account. Just link us with the related device, and our PTT360 Help Team will sort your ticket as soon as possible.

PTT360 is a leading PTT communication solution provider for companies who want to upgrade business mobility and simplify IoT solutions faster, better and safer. PTT360 supplies the best solutions for enhanced, unlimited remoteness.

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