What to Do During an Emergency

And How Can PTT360 Help You

Though most workplace accidents can be prevented, the reality is that health and safety accidents at work are inevitable and can harm a business in many ways if not responded to and contained appropriately.
According to the Ministry of Manpower, there were 37 fatal workplace injuries, 610 major workplace injuries, and 13 dangerous occurrences in 2021 in Singapore.
And accidents such as these can affect your business drastically. Employees may lose productivity if they feel their safety is being overlooked. Some may even resign, which means your company has to hire and train new team members. Your business may pay a tremendous amount of fine and compensation claims, depending on the gravity of the incident. On top of that, your company may also face legal action.
So, it's essential that if a workplace emergency occurs, everyone knows how to act and address it adequately. Not only will it potentially save a life, but it will also save your business.

What to Do During an Emergency

Respond Immediately
Stay Calm
Assess the Situation/Injury
Apply First Aid (if applicable)
Call for Help (for life-threatening emergency)
Secure the Area
Report the Incident

How Can PTT360 Push-to-Talk Help You?

Regardless of how prepared you are and fast your reaction time is, it is still difficult to help someone when you have no idea of the incident and its whereabouts. And during an emergency, every second matters.
But with the PTT360 Push-to-Talk SOS feature, your employee can easily trigger the SOS alert with location tracking when they encounter an accident.

PTT360 Push-to-Talk SOS Feature

SOS Alert

PTT360 Push-to-Talk devices have an accessible SOS alert button that your employees can quickly press when in danger or in an emergency.

Location Tracking

Once triggered, others will be alerted of your employee's real-time location. And responders can immediately track and help your team in need.
This PTT360 Push-to-Talk SOS feature can significantly impact the incident's overall impact. That few seconds or minutes faster you are to respond could save a life and significantly cut recovery costs.
Aside from the SOS alert with location tracking, PTT360 Push-to-Talk is also packed with other equally advantageous features such as:
  • Group PTT
  • Text Message
  • Picture Message
  • Video Message
  • Voice Recording
  • Video Call
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Geo-Fencing
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